2024 Vendors

Stewart Farm

Stewart Farm is an 8th generation family farm in Stone Valley. Their 150 acre farm was purchased by Robert Stewart from the Penns in 1793 and has been in constant agricultural production. They grow vegetables, strawberries and flowers using organic methods. Along with seasonal produce, they bring farm fresh jams, local honey, fruit, and other items from their Pennsylvania Bicentennial Farm! Linda Stewart also brings a variety of prepared cold meal items for you to take home and heat. Stewart Farm is cash or check only.

Blackbranch Farm

Blackbranch Farm is a small-scale, regenerative, no-till farm located in Julian. They grow Certified Naturally Grown vegetables, which goes beyond organic standards; never using synthetic pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers, or GMOs. Chris and Amber started their farm in 2022 serving a few farmers markets and some of the finest local restaurants. They bring a large variety of seasonal veggies weekly, have a CSA option and accept Farmers Market Nutrition Program (FMNP) checks.

Standing Stone Coffee Company

Standing Stone Coffee Company is a small batch craft roasted coffee roastery based out of Huntingdon. They bring a wide variety of coffees by the pound at market and will grind them on-site to your specifications. They also sell Standing Stone Coffee K-cups! Grab a cold brew coffee from them while you stroll the market or a non-caffeinated all-juice “refresher” (great for all ages).

Juniata Brewing Company

Juniata Brewing Company is a local brewery and tasting room based in Huntingdon. Weekly, Sean and his team bring a large variety of their craft beers. There’s something for every taste with JBC and this local beer will be a welcome addition to your summer meals and down-time. At their tent, they also sell a range of swag from frisbees to sweatshirts and make dog biscuits too!

Goblin Alchemy

Goblin Alchemy makes award winning wine and mead (mead is an alcoholic beverage made from fermenting honey and possibly the oldest alcoholic beverage!). Weekly, Michael brings a large variety of flavors and offers tastings as well. They use locally sourced fruits and honey and their mead can be served chilled or at room temperature, it can be enjoyed as a marinade as well as beverage on its own or with mixed drinks.

Pole Cat Hollow

Pole Cat Hollow is a family farm located in Liberty Township. Their animals are raised humanely, ethically and live on pasture without hormones or unnecessary antibiotics. PCH is building an ecosystem by promoting biodiversity of plants, animals, fungi and micro-organisms to restore land and respect the animals. Weekly, Greg brings NON-GMO pastured eggs, as well as pasture raised meats including pork (all cuts!), chicken, lamb, duck and grass-fed/grass-finished beef (all cuts including ground, burger patties, all varieties of steaks etc.). They also have lard for all the bakers!

Schlow Library

Schlow Library brings a great variety of books to market; children’s books, books for teens, adult fiction and cookbooks (to help you make what you find at the market!). If you don’t have your library card, they can look you up! If you don’t have a card yet, they can register you for one that day! Every week, they bring a fresh selection of great summer reads and can also get the little ones signed up for the summer reading program.

Common Ground Organic Farm

Common Ground Organic Farm is a 120 acre organic farm in the Appalachian Mountains of Central PA founded by the Zuck family. Weekly, Leslie brings a variety of heirloom and specialty veggies, flowers, vegetable and flower transplants and perennials. She also brings prepared salads (later in the season), homemade baklava, and the best granola and granola bars around.

Grove American Beef

Grove American Beef has been a long-standing vendor (and sponsor!) with the market. Dave Grove raises Aberdeen cows that are grass-fed/grain-finished with no growth hormones or steroids. Weekly, he brings every beef cut you could need; ground beef, 1/4 lb. burger patties, and all varieties of steak and cuts for all your summer cooking and grilling.

New Vendors for 2024

Mill Haven Farm

Mill Haven Farm brings hand made everlasting flower bouquets and wreaths crafted from flowers grown on their small-scale, sustainable produce and flower farm nestled up against an old limestone creek in the Brush Valley. No chemicals, no preservatives, no spray. Just timeless beauty grown with water from the earth and bouquets fashioned just like they were in the good ole days! Mill Haven Farm will join us once their flowers are ready – probably beginning in July. Stay tuned to the newsletter and social media for more info on their exact start date!

Treaster Kettle Farm

Treaster Kettle Farm is a 15 acre farmette at the edge of Rothrock State Forest; they bring pasture-raised chicken and free-range eggs. They also have 20+ bee hives with bees gathering wildflower pollen and nectar from the surrounding forest for wildflower honey and you can expect maple syrup from his land too! The “Treaster Kettle” that the farm is located on is narrow and shaded; conducive for mushrooms to grow! Jack is a certified wild mushroom expert in PA with approval to forage mushrooms and his bounty will include: shiitake, chanterelles, trumpet mushrooms and maitake (AKA Hen of the Woods)!

Sweet Temptations By Terri

Sweet Temptations by Terri is a bakery specializing in made from scratch baked goods. Terri Spahr’s bakery has quickly become a local favorite and one we look forward to seeing around town. She will bring a wide variety of tasty baked good each week. Items may include homemade pies, assorted cookies, cakes, cupcakes and so much more! She currently has a coffee shop located in the Old Gregg School in Spring Mills but attends many of the Farmers Markets in the State College area.

Shy Bear Brewing

Shy Bear Brewing is a 10 barrel brewhouse in Lewistown cranking out a wide variety of beer styles – some traditional in scope and others progressive and full of whimsy. Each week, they will bring a variety of beer (and merchandise) for you! You’ll see German, Belgian, and English styles, as well as a west coast IPA. Jaybird Hazy IPA and Logan Guard Bavarian Pilsner are offered year-round, with Mexican Lager and rotating sour beers in the summer. They will have stout or porter for the dark beer lovers too! 

Shemps Farm

Shemps Farm describes themselves as a handmade, hardworking and family driven sustainable seed-to-table organic farm. They do not compromise quality with chemicals and focus on service. The produce they bring will cover a very wide range; including specialty varieties of plants, trees, produce, unique flavored honey, berries and more. Some harvests will include sweet corn, watermelon, cantaloupes, tiger melons, apples, cucumbers, purple cauliflower, specialty pumpkins and much more!

Bees Knees Coffee

Bees Knees Coffee is a mobile coffee shop and coffee delivery service here in Central PA. Their mission is to fuel their “on the go customers” with a consistent and quality cup of coffee, while connecting them to the local products and communities. They have been slinging drinks and tempting tastebuds with homemade baked goods sine spring of 2020. Visit the Bees Knees trailer each week for fresh coffee drinks, as well as cans to go and ready to store in your fridge!

Kodiak Rush

Kodiak Rush is a small, commercial fishing business that operates out of Homer, Alaska. Captain Abe, who graduated from State High has been fishing in Alaska sine he was 19! He brings the freshest catch Alaska offers back to his home state! Kodiak Rush specializes in sockeye salmon, Pacific cod, Lingod, and Rockfish. Their WILD seafood contains no dyes or preservatives; it’s sustainably caught with zero bycatch. Their labels tell you where your fish was caught, the date it was caught, and when it was processed. It’s frozen and ready for you to cook! 

Ardry Farms

Ardry Farms is a fourth-generation family farm in Howard, PA and they have been participating in farmers markets since the 1930s! Today they farm about 350 acres of crops, including corn, soybeans, wheat, potatoes, tomatoes, strawberries, cabbage, squash and melons. In addition to supplying Wegmans – local restaurants and fairs turn to Ardry Farms for their items! They will join us as a part time vendor for 5 weeks – July 11th through August 8th with their sweet corn, melons and some other items as well!

Sparrow Eye Bakery

Sparrow Eye Bakery is a licensed in-home bakery on Krystal Yoder’s farm in Belleville. She began her business by baking healthy sprouted bread for diabetic and pre-diabetic neighbors. Krystal uses the healthiest of ingredients and specializes in breads, rolls, sweet baked treats such as Amish Friendship breads, traditional white bread, pizza crust, sandwich rolls, cinnamon rolls, sticky buns and cookies. She offers a number of healthier choices in her best-selling (2 pound!) sourdough bread, sprouted whole wheat bread (low glycemic/diabetic friendly!), and even GLUTEN-FREE items, including 12″ pizza crusts, bread and much more! Sparrow Eye will join us approximately every other week; see your weekly newsletter or social media for specific dates. 

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