COVID-19 Safety Plan


M i n i m a l R e q u i r e m e n t s ( N o t O p t i o n a l )

Each vendor, staff and volunteer must wear face masks while on site.

Each booth must have hand sanitizer and table sanitizer.

No tablecloths. Tables must be able to be sanitized periodically at market.

No food items accessible where customers can touch them.

You must set up all food so that the staff person handling food will be the ONLY one doing so.

No reuse of bags or handling of customers’ reusable bags.

Maintain and facilitate social distance spacing of staff and shoppers by designating a ‘stand here’ spot for waiting customers which is 6’ back from vendor payment/product exchange spot. Chalk and ‘caution’ tape will be provided weekly at the market.

Vendors, staff, and volunteers that are not well must stay at home.

Vendors, staff, and volunteers that have tested positive, or that have household members that test positive for Covid 19, must notify market management immediately.

Each vendor will have their booth inspected weekly prior to the opening of market. Vendors not able / not willing to comply with these minimal requirements will be required to leave immediately.

Trash must be carried away by each vendor at the end of market. No trash collection will be done by staff/volunteers.

P r e p a r e d F o o d / F o o d t r u c k s M i n i m a l R e q u i r e m e n t s ( N o t O p t i o n a l )
In additional to the rules above:

No on-site eating allowed.

No product sampling.

Prepared food must have all goods pre-packaged for take-out.

There will be no on-site dining tents / tables this year.

Additional Recommended Practices:

Pre-Ordering and pre-payment of orders pick up at market are highly encouraged.

Sanitize / wash hands or exchange gloves between customers.

Establish a 6’ set back between customers and vendors by using an empty table in front of product table.

Offer contactless payments, such as PayPal , Square or Venmo .

Prepackage produce in ready to go bags already prepared before arrival of the market.

Sanitize credit cards, pens, card readers, ipads / iphones etc. after each use.

Assign one staff person to handle food distribution, and a separate person to handle money.

Rules may be revised by market management per Federal/State/Local updates.