Centre County Recycling

CENTRE COUNTY CURBSIDE RECYCLING begins again this week.  Here are some places you can recycle plastic that isn’t picked up curbside.

The picture above shows miscellaneous plastics, which are  NOT accepted in your recycling bins, that CAN be dropped off in these State College area recycling containers:

  1. Centre Co. Recycling       253 Transfer Rd   outside GATE 3       (M-F 8 to 4)
  2. Hamilton Square Shopping Centre      244 W. Hamilton Ave.
  3. Between the Patton Twp. Fire Station   2598 Green Tech Dr) and Clear Water Conservancy

Look for the familiar red recycling bins with a door for MISCELLANEOUS PLASTICS.

Locations for other Miscellaneous plastics like grocery and bread bags:    

Q. Where can I recycle plastic bags? Plastics in the form of bags, plastic wrap and plastic film can be recycled at many of our local grocery stores and retailers as long as they are clean and dry and stretch. Many of our local stores have collection bins for plastic bags, film and wrap at their entrance ways. Just place your acceptable plastic in the correct bin to be recycled. A good resource for plastic bag recycling can be found at www.abagslife.com (local areas listed below).  where you will find a list of acceptable plastic that can be recycled at our local stores including:

 newspaper bags, dry cleaning bags, bread bags, veggie bags, product wrap.

BINS ARE AVAILABLE FOR THESE AT:  Giant,   Wegmans,   Weis, Walmart, Target, CVS, Rite-Aid.